ITM NetCom has worked over the years to develop secure telecom and IT solutions.  Constantly improving our servers and networks, expanding our product offering with market leaders and leading the market with innovative information technology and communications solutions. Whether you are a sole proprietor firm or a global corporation with distributed systems - itm will help you achieve your goals

Significant Milestones


NORTH YORK, ON - Serving over 100 Managed Services customers with over 10,000 users worldwide, ITM partners with Industry Leaders to offer high quality solutions to companies of all sizes.


NORTH YORK, ON - Launched an integrated platform for customer support, e-commerce, and content delivery.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Added Windows Servers to our dedicated server product offering.

2007 NORTH YORK, ON - Added commercial open source solutions to our product offering developing integrated CRM and and CMS solutions.
2006 NORTH YORK, ON - Implemented a remote desktop support platform to immediately support customers without the need to install any software.

SANTO DOMINGO, DN - Implemented our first IP-PBX based on Linux Support Services' Asterisk platform - it's still in production today!

MIAMI, FL - Configured our international VoIP platform for telecom and calling card services.


SANTO DOMINGO, DN - ITM capitalizes on its Managed Services offering and increments its client base 10 fold.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Implemented our first dedicated web server for high speed shared web hosting

2003 SANTO DOMINGO, DN - Designed the accreditation software and process for the 2003 PanAm Games.  Solution was programmed and implemented by another company.
2002 SANTO DOMINGO, DN - ITM begins it's managed services product offering, web design services, domain name registration and virtual private server hosting for SME.
2001 ROCKAWAY, NJ - MYOB launches Accounting Plus v10 in Spanish and ITM begins distribution in the Dominican Republic


SANTO DOMINGO, DN - Proposed the idea to MYOB to develop a Latin American version of the Award Winning Accounting Solution.

SANTO DOMINGO, DN - ITM officially launches it's Latin American operations at Mercadexpo 2000 introducing dual processor computing and Linux Desktop Solutions. 

1997 SANTO DOMINGO, DN - Established operations in the Dominican Republic offering application development and basic support services. 
1995 NORTH YORK, ON - When the internet bega it's boom, we developed our first website and put it live.
1994 MAPLE, ON - Started working with MYOB accounting software and implementing it on small firms.
1992 NORTH YORK, ON - Developed an application for an international courier for package control.
1990 TORONTO, ON - Designed an interface to download raw data from a Nortel DMS-250 for processing CDR and converting it into invoices for a Long Distance Carrier's Customer.

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